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Jaipur Attractions - Amer Fort / India

AMER FORT / Amber Fort / is a fort located in Amer, Rajasthan, India.

Amer is a town with an area of 4 square kilometers located 11 kilometers from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Located high on a hill, it is the principal tourist attraction in the Jaipur area.

Amer fort overlooks Maota Lake, which is the main source of water for the Amer Palace.

The history of the fort dates back to the 16th century.

The Amer Fort is also popularly known as the Amer Palace. The palace was the residence of the Rajput Maharajas and their families. Constructed of red sandstone and marble, the attractive, opulent palace is laid out on four levels, each with a courtyard.

It consists of the Diwan-i-Aam, or "Hall of Public Audience", the Diwan-i-Khas, or "Hall of Private Audience", the Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace), or Jai Mandir, and the Sukh Niwas.

The fort still stands as a grand example of ancient Indian architecture. It is known for its blend of Rajput and Hindu style of architecture and a mixture of Hindu and Muslim style of ornamentation. The carvings on the ceiling and the walls are extraordinary features of this fort. There are many paintings of ancient hunting styles, portraits of important Rajput rulers and others.

In 2013 the Amer Fort was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with five other forts of Rajasthan.

The Amer Fort is a top rate tourist attraction of Jaipur and must be visited by all tourists to the region. Visitors can climb the hill and reach the fort either by an elephant ride or by a jeep.

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Maota Lake


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