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Hello and Welcome to AbouTravel. Website!

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My name is Sonia and I have always been passionate about travel and getting to know new places, cultures and people.

This is the reason why I have launched my YouTube channel many years ago in a very spontaneous way. When i travel and visit epic places it comes naturally to me to press the record button or to take photos. I think, nowadays, with technology progress we all know that.

With time, this has become a hobby of mine that I really enjoy doing it. I constantly strive to improve my skills and provide informative type of videos where viewers can get to know the place even before going there.  

In parallel to the YouTube channel comes this travel blog where I will post articles about destinations I have visited, accompanied with photos and videos. There will be essential information about the place and its main points of interest. I hope you find this useful when you plan your next trip.

I have previous experience in the travel and aviation industry working as a route manager and in the sales, even though now I am engaged in a private family business.

Thank you all for dropping by and let's have wonderful travels!

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