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Travel to Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara is located in the central part of Cuba, about 4 hours drive from Havana. The town is the capital of the Cuban province of Villa Clara.

With a population near a quarter million, Santa Clara is the 5th largest Cuban city by population.

Santa Clara's major landmark is the Che Guevara Memorial Complex. The town is well known for its connection to Cuba's revolutionary history.

It was here where Che’s rebel army derailed a train that was carrying supplies to Batista’s troops in the east. In two short days, Che’s army captured the city and Batista fled Cuba.

The large Memorial complex includes a mausoleum that houses the remains of Che Guevara and sixteen of his fellow combatants killed in 1967 during the Bolivia campaign.

There is also a Che Guevara museum, as well as a huge square (Plaza de la Revolucion) overlooked by a large statue of Che.

No photography is allowed inside the Memorial.

Another worthy attraction and place in Santa Clara is the lively Parque Vidal, located in the center of the town. The large park is surrounded by beautiful colonial-style buildings. This is where most of the social activities take place, especially in the evenings.

There are many cafes, live music and street dancers that will take care of you having a great time.

Overall, Santa Clara is a very pleasant and beautiful town where you can learn about Cuba's history and revolutionary leader Che Guevara, and also hang out in the central part of the town and feel the real life of local people.

Photos of Santa Clara

Parque Vidal

Che Guevara Monument and square

Plaza de la Revolucion

Che Guevara's daughter


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