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Benrath Palace, Düsseldorf / Germany

Located southeast of Düsseldorf, Benrath Palace is a magnificent Baroque-style summer residence and hunting lodge built for the Elector Palatine Charles Theodor and his wife, Countess Palatine Elisabeth Auguste of Sulzbach. Construction began in 1755 and was completed in 1770.

60-hectare perfectly manicured gardens with beautiful ponds, sculptures and curving

paths surround the palace and invite visitors to unwind and relax.

The park in fact is a favorite place of local residents for jogging, cycling and relaxation, and it is free to enter.

The 18th-century palace is home to three museums: the "Museum Corps de Logis", located in the palace's main building, the “Museum of European Garden Art” in the east wing, and the “Museum of Natural History” in the west wing.

With its furniture, porcelain and paintings, the main palace (Corps de Logis) will transport you back in time and give you an impression of court life in the second half of the 18th century.

Guided tours in German are held in the main building several times a day. Once a day, at noontime there's a guided tour in English.

The Elector Palatine envisioned and planned the palace as a maison de plaisance (pleasure palace) for his wife, Countess Elizabeth Auguste. Probably this explains the predominant pink color of the exterior and interior, the beautiful ponds, and the feminine vibe the palace exudes.

The halls of the palace are often rented out for various social events - from weddings to concerts, and the palace grounds are a stage for Christmas markets in November-December.

Benrath Palace is one of the major attractions of Düsseldorf and it's well worth the 30 min travel by metro from the city's center to Benrath neighborhood where the palace is located.

Although not big in size, the palace is one of the most beautiful garden palaces of the 18th century and is a remarkable example of late Baroque period architecture.


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